Our Values

Our Mission

The APS mission is to combine superior engineering with advanced technologies to produce highly successful projects for its clients.

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Our Values

We value a simple and direct approach to our projects. We treat our associates as important and valuable members of our Team. All associates of APS recognize the following values as they relate to our Client’s important project work:

Honesty & Integrity

Can only be described as a single idea. We hold truth, honesty and trust as our highest values. All work is open and transparent. We will always do what we say.


By always conducting ourselves in a professional and respectful manner, our professionalism will be unmatched. We will treat people the way we want to be treated.

Constant Attention to Detail

We accomplish our work with an eye for the minor details that often contribute greatly to the successes of most projects. We will strive to complete each project accurately and completely.


We will always strive to encourage and apply new and innovative approaches, while drawing on our past experiences to offer solutions that give our clients a distinct marketplace advantage.

Enjoyment and Fulfillment in the Workplace

We will work to balance both casual and professional attitudes that create an atmosphere of professional confidence, teamwork, creativity and fun.

Hard Work

As a results oriented firm, we build on our relationships and recognize the value of intellect, and the hard work put forth by our team members on a daily basis.

Continuous Improvement

We support and encourage all associates to further their education and grow their personal and professional knowledge.